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Double Voicing and Multiplex Identities

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Unpacking Hegemonic and Subaltern Discourses in the Caribbean

Edited by Nicholas Faraclas, Ronald Severing, Christa Weijer, Elisabeth Echteld, Marsha Hinds-Layne

This book, Double Voicing and Multiplex Identities: Unpacking Hegemonic and Subaltern Discourses in the Caribbean, is a collection of articles that present a critical perspective on the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Greater Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora. The volume incorporates invited papers as well as presentations made to the 14th annual Eastern Caribbean Islands Cultures Conference (aka the ‘Islands in Between’ Conference) which was held in St. George’s, Grenada from 3 to 5 November 2011. The contributing authors include a wide range of voices old and new from the Caribbean and beyond.

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